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Visiting Inverness in April

April is a beautiful month to visit Scotland, and particularly the Highlands. The combination of better weather conditions and fields full of new-born livestock make this month a visual epitome of the Spring season. The warmer weather sees popular Highland attractions re-open their doors after closing for the winter. But most importantly, April sees the return of Happy Tours' full range of tours! While select tours operate all year round, from April 1st all our Highland tours are available to book online. So whether you're on Spring break, an Easter long weekend, or a full-blown Scottish expedition, read on for a comprehensive guide to visiting the Highlands and the city of Inverness in April.

What is it like in the Scottish Highlands in April?

Scottish Highlands in April

April is characterised as a month of vitality and re-birth in Scotland, and understandably so. All it takes is a look across the fields and hills of the rural Scottish Highlands to witness new life bursting into view. The sudden abundance of lambs and calves is only too familiar to the Highland locals, but this cuteness overload is not so common in other parts of the world. This is just one of many reasons to visit the Scottish Highlands in April. You can be sure to pass fields full of energetic, bouncing young animals on your sightseeing travels. And trust us, catching a glimpse of their playful antics is certain to brighten your day. As well as lambs and calves, you can expect to find many bird varieties returning to Scotland for the spring to breed. The return of insect-eating birds such as swallows, ospreys, and seabirds like puffins, is a good indication of April’s warmer conditions. Such birds migrate south for the winter to avoid the cold and return when conditions suit them again, typically in March and April. Ultimately, visiting the Scottish Highlands in April is sure to be a magical experience demonstrating the fruitfulness of the Highland landscape.

What's the Weather like in Inverness in April?

Inverness in April

Visiting the Scottish Highlands in April is preferrable for multiple reasons. One such reason is the optimal weather associated with this month across large parts of Scotland. April is widely agreed to be the driest month of the year here, minimising—though not altogether eliminating—the possibility of soggy sightseeing. In addition to being one of the drier months, April benefits from the commencement of British Summertime, or Daylight-Saving Time. With an additional hour of evening sunlight after March 27th, April is the month where outdoor activities in the Scottish Highlands can truly get back into full swing. Day trips can extend further into the evening and extra sights can be seen before the sun goes down. April is where Scotland’s cultural attractions can emerge from their winter hibernation re-animated, full of vitality and with the excitement and motivation to welcome tourists back.

Temperatures in the Scottish Highlands in April are a vast improvement on January and February, although are still fairly mild. While April might be considered a little chilly in comparison to the likes of July or August, this has its perks. Many tourists insist on maximising their chances of sun by planning holidays in the height of summer. This places April at the quieter end of the tourist season. While the end of Daylight Savings injects a vivacity and freshness into Scottish business, it is still rather serene when walking through the centre of Inverness or visiting popular cultural attractions such as Culloden Battlefield and Loch Ness.

Visiting Inverness in April

Scottish Highlands in April

It is also a great idea to plan your visit to the Scottish Highlands in April because you will likely avoid midges! The annoying little biting flies which swarm to humid climates are prevalent in several areas of the Scottish Highlands. Although Inverness is not typically a hot spot for these irritating insects, much of the West coast can be. Thankfully, due to April’s reduced rainfall and moderate temperatures, the midges are unlikely to be a feature of your travels. As heat and humidity levels rise throughout July and August however, tourists are much more likely to require their midge nets and insect repellents when exploring rural Scotland. So, if you’d like to visit the Scottish Highlands at a time with fewer tourists and fewer midges, but simultaneously more vibrant colour, wildlife, and comfortable weather conditions, April is most certainly an ideal choice. If you’ve yet to book yourself some travel plans for the Easter period, Happy Tours highly recommends considering Inverness and the surrounding Scottish Highlands in April. Beat the summer crowds to it and explore what Scotland has to offer.

What to do in Inverness in April

Inverness in April

Speaking of what Scotland has to offer, you might be wondering what cultural attractions are best when visiting in April. If you’re visiting Inverness, then Loch Ness is a must-see. The clearer skies and freshly budding flowers across the adjacent landscape make Loch Ness especially beautiful to see at this time of year. With the additional daylight there is plenty of time to make a full day trip out of exploring all the best sites around the banks of Loch Ness. Why not book yourself a Happy Tours Culloden Battlefield and Loch Ness Tour from Inverness. This tour visits all the essential spots in and around the Inverness area for a mix of history, wildlife, and local whisky tasting. It’s a great way for those visiting Inverness to see and experience all the best sights in one go, and on a day that suits your schedule.

Tours around the Scottish Highlands in April

Whisky Tasting in the Scottish Highlands in April

If you think taste testing the local produce deserves a dedicated day trip of its own, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we offer not one, but two tours of the Scottish Highlands focused on local gins, beers and whiskies. And you’re in luck as both fun-filled tours are set to return on April 1st! If you would prefer to compare whisky at a variety of Scottish distilleries, we recommend booking yourself a Speyside Whisky Day Tour. But if you fancy some variety, our Cairngorm Gin, Beer and Whisky Tour offers a taste of the Scottish Highlands from various perspectives. Both tours will see your designated Happy Tours driver take a scenic route through the Scottish Highlands, allowing you to witness the delights of springtime in the Scottish Highlands as well as taste it.

The Happy Tours tour range makes it easy to optimise your time visiting the Scottish Highlands in April. We offer tours to suit a range of interests but if you find yourself seeking more, consider a private tour. These tours allow you to determine the plan and make your travels extra special. Whatever you choose to do with your time exploring the Scottish Highlands and Inverness in April, we are sure you’ll be charmed by the new-life, fresh air, and beautiful scenery all around.

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