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Uncork a Highland adventure and enjoy a taste of Scotland

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Scotch whisky culture? Look no further than these handpicked distilleries near Inverness, each offering a unique glimpse into the artistry and heritage of Scotland's liquid gold.

Here at Happy Tours, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite Highland distilleries to give you a real glimpse… or should we say taste, of the Scottish Highlands.

Together, let us share some of the artistry and heritage behind Scotland’s famous liquid gold.

Glen Moray Distillery

Nestled in the picturesque Speyside region, Glen Moray – established 1897 – stands as a testament to both tradition and innovation.

With their historic grounds and gleaming copper pot stills shaping their single malts – which include classic expressions, limited editions and innovative cask finishes – Glen Moray offers a diverse selection to sample.

The whiskies here are known for their smoothness, boasting fruity undertones with a hint of spice, providing an excellent introduction to Speyside’s whisky profile.

Glenfiddich Distillery

A pioneer in the whisky world, Glenfiddich Distillery is a must-visit for their innovative techniques and dedication to quality.

When there, immerse yourself in a captivating tour that unveils the journey from malting to maturation. Renowned for their diverse range, from the iconic 12-year-old malt to their rare and aged releases, Glenfiddich offers whiskies brimming with richness, depth, and a delightful balance of fruit, oak, and subtle sweetness – a true embodiment of the classic Speyside style.

Cardhu Distillery

Set against stunning landscapes, Cardhu Distillery invites you to witness the artistry behind their age-old whisky making process.

With its meticulous production methods and sherry cask maturation process shown in their engaging tours, Cardhu’s smooth and elegant whiskies often present delicate floral aromas, hints of honey, and gentle spice.

Their range caters to both newcomers and connoisseurs, offering accessible single malts alongside more complex releases.

Glenfarclas Distillery

At Glenfarclas Distillery, step into a family-owned legacy spanning six generations and explore the distillery on a guided tour where you can delve into the distillery’s traditional methods, and discover their unique sherry cask maturation process.

Celebrated for their rich, fruity, and complex sherried whiskies, Glenfarclas offers notes of dried fruits, spices, toffee, and a lingering warmth. Their diverse range includes various age statements, with older releases showcasing remarkable depth and character.

A taste of the Scottish Highlands

So, on your next visit to the Highlands, make sure to stop by one of these exceptional distilleries for a taste of Scotland’s liquid gold.

With each one boasting a rich heritage and impressive talent for distilling flavours so rich, smooth or whatever tickles your tastebuds, it’s no wonder our region is known worldwide for its whisky production.

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