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Step Back in Time With a Visit to Culloden Battlefield

Step Back in Time With a Visit to Culloden Battlefield

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back in time; to walk in the footsteps of warriors and royalty; and to see for yourself the site of one of Scotland’s pivotal historic moments?

With a visit to Culloden Moor, the poignant site of the 1746 Jacobite rising, you can experience just that.

The Battle of Culloden, fought on April 16, 1746 between the Jacobite forces and British government troops, marked the end of the Jacobite rising and the beginning of a period of both political and social change across Scotland, including the abolition of the clans, the banning of tartan and the barring of traditional Highland dress such as the kilt.

Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites

The Scottish Jacobites were supporters of the Stuarts – notably Charles Edward Stuart, known throughout history as Bonnie Prince Charlie. The Stuarts came from royalty and ruled Scotland and England until 1688, however, motivated by religion, politics, and loyalty, the Jacobites wanted to restore the family to power at the turn of the century, believing they possessed the rightful claim to the British throne.

With many Jacobites worshipping the Catholic faith, they felt that a Catholic king would be more sympathetic to their beliefs. Others were driven by their desire to live in an independent Scotland, feeling that the Stuarts would be more likely to grant the country its own parliament. And for some, it was simply loyalty to the Stuarts that drove their ambition to fight.

The Jacobites fought a number of rebellions against the British government, but were never successful. Their last rebellion – the Battle of Culloden in 1746 – saw the British gain a monumental defeat over the Jacobites.

After the Battle of Culloden, the Jacobite movement collapsed, and the Stuarts never regained the British throne.

Immerse yourself in the history of Culloden

Now a National Trust for Scotland site, Culloden Battlefield offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of that fateful day.

The Culloden Visitor Centre, which sits adjacent to Culloden Moor, is the site’s very own portal to the past, using interactive exhibitions, audio-visual displays, and unique artefacts to tell the story of what happened on this site in 1746. With something for everyone, young and old, this isn’t an experience to be missed.

Plan Your Visit

Located only a short distance from Inverness city centre, Culloden Battlefield is within easy reach – better still, Happy Tours can take you there as part of our Culloden Battlefield and Loch Ness tour.

Leaving from the Columba Hotel, your Happy Tours guide will take you from Inverness to Loch Ness, through the Black Isle and across to Culloden, where you can explore this famous site for yourself.

And despite the changes brought about in the aftermath of the Jacobite’s defeat, rest assured, the traditional customs of Highlander life made their way back into today’s world – you only need to meet Happy Tour’s very own Man in the Kilt for proof!

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