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Private Tours of Scotland: Discover the Scottish Highlands & Islands

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What’s the best way to learn about a place? Meet the locals! 

At Happy Tours, that’s exactly what we offer you – the chance to learn all about the Highlands and Islands of Scotland from us, the local experts.

Offering luxury private tours in our eight-seater minibus or five-seater Land Rover, let us take you on an adventure to the Isle of Skye; wet your whistle with a dram of whisky; recreate history as you walk on battlefields; and help you to discover the magic of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. 

Where would you like to begin?

A rocky terrain with patches of green, leading down to calm waters under a setting sun, framed by distant mountains and rugged cliffs.

Isle of Skye & the Highlands

From Inverness to Skye; Loch Ness to the Black Isle peninsula; Glenfinnan to Fort Augustus. Discover myths and legends, history and heretics – and do it all with your own personal tour guide from Happy Tours.

Whisky tours

A dram, a tipple, a measure – and a tour that certainly requires a driver! Get a taste for the Scottish Highlands with a whisky tour – taking you behind the scenes of local distilleries and giving you the chance to really sample the local flavour.

Aerial view of a large cruise ship docked at a port near a coastal town, with a shipyard and a smaller boat nearby—perfect for those embarking on private tours of Scotland.

Tours from Invergordon Port

From Invergordon Port we can take you to some of the Highlands’ hidden gems – areas that are harder to reach and off the beaten path. Become a true Highlander as you learn more about our history and heritage with a uniquely intimate tour. 

Private tours of Scotland: Creating memories with Happy Tours

Have somewhere specific in mind? Let us know and we can help you plan the perfect tour of the Highlands and Islands. Our bespoke, private tours are one-of-a-kind, and our expert guides are passionate about sharing their stories – let us take you on an adventure you’ll never forget.

Our friendly, experienced and fully-trained guides are eager to share their knowledge, experience and – most importantly – their stories with you.

Happy Tours’ guides are there to fill your memories with stories of myth and mystery, legend and history – and often a dram or two for good measure! 

Start your journey today and get in touch with our team.

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