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    Discover The History And Culture Behind Loch Ness

    Published: Mon Nov 8

    Looking for a monster-hunting expedition or a journey through the history of the Highlands? Happy Tours has got you covered. This winter, join us as we explore the incredible depths and local culture around the famous Loch Ness.

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    Family Friendly Highland Activities This Half-Term

    Published: Mon Oct 18

    Looking for family friendly activities this half term? Happy Tours is here to help you make memories and fill the air with laughter. Whether you enjoy being indoors, outdoors or maybe both – there are endless opportunities for you to explore throughout our incredible Highland landscapes and attractions this autumn.

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    Scottish Myths and Legends: Ancient Myths Of The Highlands

    Published: Wed Sep 15

    Behind the most famous Scottish myths and legends lies a fascinating history, unique characters and enduring culture. Read all about it in Happy Tours’ latest blog.

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    How Do You Get To The Isle Of Skye?

    Published: Wed Aug 11

    Learn about getting to the Isle of Skye with us – join us on our Isle of Skye tour to learn all about the hidden nooks and crannies across the vast island scenery… we may have some surprising legends of our own to share with you.

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    10 Must See Water Attractions in the Highlands this Summer

    Published: Mon Jul 12

    This summer is looking to be a hot one, so why not head out to the Scottish watersides and cool off on the beach or paddle your way through the lochs? Take some well deserved time away from the grind and enjoy all that our Highland waters have to offer – you won’t want to miss out on these spectacular experiences!

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    Top 5 Must-See Whisky Distilleries of the Scottish Highlands

    Published: Thu Jun 10

    The production of Scotch whisky has been a proud part of Scotland’s heritage since the 1400s so. For those looking to explore and taste a dram (or two), Happy Tours is here to fill you in on our 5 top must-see distilleries of the Scottish Highlands.

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    Where To See Wildlife In Scotland

    Published: Mon May 10

    From the iconic Highland cow grazing in the open pastures to the majestic Bottlenose dolphin playfully swimming up the Moray Firth, the wildlife in Scotland has so much to offer. Explore the rugged Highland terrain and meet the locals along the way as Happy Tours fills you in on where to see wildlife in Scotland.

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    20 Places You Need To Visit In The Highlands In Summer 2021

    Published: Fri Apr 23

    Visiting the Highlands for a day or a permanent resident in this incredible part of the country? From ancient battlegrounds to towering castles in the most remote corners of Scotland, here are 20 places you need to visit in the Highlands.

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    Top 10 Castles in the Inverness Area

    Published: Wed Mar 4

    History, mystery, and a little bit of magic… Scottish castles have it all. From formidable fortresses like Inverness Castle to embattled ruins such as Urquhart Castle, there’s much more to learn about the Highland’s castles than you might think.

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